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Review: Madra Rising by Christy and Sarah Newman

Madra Rising
by Christy and Sarah Newman

Back Cover Blurb:
For five years, the Kingdom of Madra has been at war. In a last effort to save his people, the prince travels toward Eldale, a city of dragon tamers. Unaware of this, Eldale has sent its most valued dragon tamer to the dying city with the one thing that can save them. In this tale of harrowing danger and destiny where the two must keep their missions secret, they cross paths and join forces to recover the stolen treasure.

In response to a desperate cry for help from the kingdom of Madra to the South, Princess Arya of Eldale carries an unhatched dragon to their aid. But while still a few days from her destination, her carriage is attacked and the precious egg stolen.

The princess would surely have perished if not for the timely aid of a travel-worn stranger named Finlay. He is badly injured while fighting off her attackers, and she manages to get him to a healer in time to save him.

Once Finlay is stable and able to ride, he insists on accompanying her to recover the stolen treasure, unaware that he is helping to recover his kingdom's hope for an end to the war.

My Take:
Madra Rising is a gripping account of a kingdom at war and the orchestration of Providence, or the 'Guide', as He is referred to here, in delivering the people. Finlay is a likeable, honest, brave and determined character. At first he seems almost ADD in his thoughts, second-guessing decisions right and left. But underneath his friendly, distracted exterior lie a heart of gold and a will of iron.
Arya does not seem to possess much in the way of fighting skill early on, but what she lacks in battle hardness she more than makes up for in sheer determination and faith in the Guide to protect her.

I found the supporting cast to be a bit less defined. I liked Louis, but Grover quite got on my nerves, almost appearing a bit addle-brained. The main antagonist, Dupits, could have used more dimension but was adequately frightening as a lurking enemy.

There are multiple places in the story where characters are bloody, damaged, burned by dragon fire, or shot with an arrow. I'd say PG-13, it was not more violent than the LOTR.

Very clean.

Adult Content:
Disney-level. Light PG. There is a scene where the princess must help the prince dress his wound, and his shirt is off. She notices he is not bad looking. There's some talk of courting and marriage.

Christian content:
The main characters freely discuss the importance of the Guide in their lives, and also mention His Son. They make it evident that considering one another for courting would depend on their mutual faith, and they discuss the faith of the families as well. It is obvious that the Guide is coordinating their movements, and arranging deliverance through them.

Final analysis:
Madra Rising is a fine adventure story filled with faith and hope in the face of devastating loss and hopelessness. The story is well-written, the main characters well-developed, and the plot engaging. It ties the ends together neatly while leaving a few things open for a sequel I'd be interested in reading. Five Stars.

About the Authors:

Christy NewmanChristy Newman is a homeschooled, award-winning author living in the high desert with her family, a cat named Fooseball, along with many other animals. Her favorite things are to ride and to write. Her greatest desire for a career is to be an author whose work is enjoyed by many people. Please visit
Sarah Newman
Sarah Newman is homeschooled and often writes with her sister and best friend. They live, eat, ride, sing off key, and work in tandem to produce books for your entertainment and their pleasure. They live in the high desert of New Mexico with their beloved family, cats, dog, and not so beloved chickens and fish. Please check out

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