Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Review: Truth Be Told by Justine Hemmestad

Truth Be Told
by Justine Hemmestad, Bradley Hemmestad (Illustrator)

29770591Truth be Told is the story of an insightful knight who helps a lady save herself, with the help of her true love, Jesus. Justine Johnston Hemmestad’s first novella was conceived when she was recovering from a car accident 25 years ago in which she suffered a severe brain injury; she is now a wife and the mother of 7 children, as she pursues a Master’s Degree in Literature and continues to write.

My Take:
In an era of knights and chivalry, the war between Wales and England is in full swing. It is a war of beliefs as much as culture, and Lady Meggy, her betrothed, and her knight are caught in the crossfire.
When Lady Meggy is informed that her betrothed has been severely injured, she rushes off with the knight who informed her, unaware of the danger she is in. With her carriage attacked and destroyed and the knights protecting her are slaughtered by overwhelming odds.

One knight, Sir Lawrence, flees with her into the surrounding woods, vowing to deliver her to her betrothed unharmed, at the expense of his honor. And what awaits them ahead in the forest may be more dangerous than the hordes of the Welsh behind.

Drug Content:
G - None. I don't even remember any drinking.

G - Though several knights are killed in the battle at the carriage, there's not any graphic detail.

G - there is not any cussing that I recall in the book.

Adult Content:
PG - There's some slight wistful longings and such between Meggy and her companion. Some more between her and her betrothed. 

Christian content:
For the most part, this novella presents itself strongly as a Christian work. Scripture is quoted in multiple places. There are some questionable statements in the mix that gave me a check, but i can't recall what they were. I'd say the work is clearly Christian, but be prepared to discuss any questions with a teen reading it.

Final analysis:
Let's start by saying this is a Novella, which is not something I normally read/review. That having been said, the story was a faith-filled adventure and in places the action, adventure, and puzzles were entertaining, and the drama faith filled and challenging to one's walk. All in a good work.
However, a large portion of the work was almost poetic in nature, and consisted mostly of semi-stilted conversations between the characters, with nuances and hidden things 'not said' that were implied.
While I realize that the people of the day probably talked that way, it was enough to break me out of the story multiple times, and that's unfortunate, because it was an interesting story. Four Stars.

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