Monday, November 27, 2017

Review: Profit Yourself Healthy by David Fuller

Profit Yourself Healthy

31703193Does Your Business Need to Make More Profit?
You started your business because you wanted to live the dream. The dream that included a balanced healthy life where you worked less and made more money than you would working for someone else. Like many business owners that dream probably faded somewhere along the way between then and now. Like many business owners you might be more stressed as you work longer hours for less pay.
This book is for you if you answer yes to any of these questions.
Are you drawing on your line of credit to pay your bills?
Do you have up to 50 employees and stress over payroll?
Do you have sales up to $5 Million dollars but think that you might never afford to retire?
Are you working too much for too little pay?
Are you fighting with your spouse over household bills?
Do you wonder why you ever got into business for yourself?
Do you envy people that have a “real job” paying “real money”?
Is the stress of your business affecting your health?
Would you like to worry less and earn more?
If yes is your answer to any of these the problem is simple. Your Business Needs to Make More Profits!! Make Healthy Profits is a book that will put you and your business on the right track to earning more money and reducing your stress levels.
This book will
-Give you strategies to make your business more profitable and successful
-Help you identify pricing tactics that will increase your profits
-Show you new ways of looking at business so you can actually make money
-Help you read your financial statements so you can use them
-Provide you with ways to find clarity about what the biggest issues are facing your business
-Identify the drivers that create real dollar values in your business for your future
If you want your business to Make Healthy Profits that you can live on, retire with, and share with your family and community, start reading today and get your business working! Every page will challenge you and give you ideas that you can put to use in your own business starting today!

My Take:
Profit Yourself Healthy is an in-depth look at small business issues that lead to cash hemorrhaging, lost customers, profitability issues, and eventual closing of the doors. It's no secret that money issues in small business promote ulcers, stress related heart attacks and strokes, high blood pressure, and many other physical ailments.

Correcting business management and cash flow issues in your business can be a huge step forward in reducing the risk of many of these killers. With anecdotal stories and real world help backed by mounds of research, Dave Fuller leverages several decades of real world success in helping small business owners turn flagging businesses around in this must-read for entrepreneurs everywhere.

Even though this is non-fiction, figured I'd better put a bit about the content in here.

Drug Content:
PG - The only place i recall drinking occurring is in a recommendation to remove alcoholic beverages from expense accounts.   

PG - There's a true story in here about an encounter with a bear in the middle of the night, when one of the campers gets mauled and shot in the confusion.

G - Squeaky clean.

Adult Content:
G - Clean.

Christian content:
Nada. Not that it's needed in a non-fiction anyway. One of the positive messages placed in here, which is relatively faith based but generic, is that being altruistic, helping others, is a positive move that usually improves your attitude and outlook.

Final analysis:
David has constructed a solid self-help manual here for any small business owner to take their investment from concept, through planning, marketing, funding, staffing, managing, and eventually, retiring. All stages in the life cycle of a small business are covered, and every problem conceivable is covered in depth.

Proactive activities are given throughout, that lead the reader through each stage of development, implementation, and management of their business. Powerful anecdotal stories begin each chapter, each one a flashback through Dave's own life, but applied to the issue at hand. Each chapter ends with holistic and medical assistance with various ailments that can arise from the stress of managing a small business. Filled with helpful subjects like stopping the bleeding, setting realistic goals, measuring your business's true potential, how to leverage proper advertising, cutting costs, increasing margin, the power of existing customer base, measuring your lifeblood via timely reports, positioning your company to sell, and developing a good exit strategy, this book can be a powerful tool to help a small businessman in the lifecycle of his business. Tools like Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, and Just in Time, are discussed, as well as their benefits.

To get perspective, I've had over 25 years working in IT in midrange and large corporations in many manufacturing fields, and many of the ideas embedded in this book I've seen implemented in large businesses with great success. I found Profit Yourself Healthy concise, informative, a good tool that belongs in every small business owner's toolbox. Five Stars!

About the Author:
Dave Fuller has an entrepreneurial drive that has helped him start and run successful small businesses for over three decades. When not involved running his own businesses, Dave engages with other small business owners as a business coach to help them achieve profitability, success, and balance in their lives. His expertise is backed by a Master's Degree in Business Administration but it is based on his real world experiences of building his own businesses from the ground up. He has co-founded several grassroots organizations and run successful campaigns for better quality air and water. Dave has a proven ability for developing strategies that work for businesses and a track record of success with his clients.

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