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Review: Immaculate Assumptions: All the Stuff You Heard About the Bible That Isn't True by Cornelia Scott Cree

Immaculate Assumptions: All the Stuff You Heard About the Bible That Isn't True

35442070In a society increasingly ruled by secular humanism the notion that the unseen, unable-to be-seen-spirit world rules the natural seems almost quaint especially since modern men only want solutions not ideas. But increasingly the data of reality and science makes this more probable than not.

If we do the radical thing, accept the Holy Bible as truth whether we understand it or not, we can join theology with the movement of history as a spiritual exercise. This book is not about religion; religion is the day-to-day practice of faith. This book exposes the assumptions we have about faith and practice which keep us from learning and realizing truth in our daily lives.
My Take:
There is a lot of misinformation spread around concerning the Bible, God, faith, the path to salvation, the life and eternal security or lack thereof of the believer. In a hard-hitting, fireside-chat voice, Cornelia Scott Cree exposes 35 commonly heard heresies and untruths concerning the faith, backed with scripture and wit.

With a clear view on scripture based on a lifetime in the Lord's service, Cornelia lays down foundational principles by dissolving misconceptions that lead entire denominations astray.

Even though this is a non-fiction book on theology, figured I'd better put a bit about the content in here.

G - Squeaky clean.

Adult Content:
PG - There's some discussion of homosexuality, gender identification, and sex trafficking, rape. 

Christian content:
Um, it's a book about theology. It's principally Christian in content and nature. I have a few points where I may differ concerning the answers to a few of the questions, especially in regards to commentary and extrabiblical references in #15, Once Saved, Always Saved. But for the most part, the book is spot on in its treatment of the gospel, of faith, of the Spirit. Of the inaccuracy of the Word of God. Of the deity of Christ. I will just suggest that you be grounded in the Word and sober-minded.

Final analysis:
Cornelia has created a timely, witty and relevant quick read here that clearly presents biblical answers to common misconceptions concerning the Christian faith. The anecdotal stories and sometimes sarcastic commentary cause me to imagine her standing over me with a wooden spoon ready to give me a whack. An example of this is her declaration that she would soon expect Millennials to identify as cocker spaniels, referring to recent gender confusion.

While I found most of this short book to be meat, and entertaining, I will end with a note that there are a few places where I differ, and while I am not a qualified theologian, I expect these might take the reader through some bumps. There were also some ramblings which caused the pace through this to be a bit slow for my liking. So, a relatively well-researched and well written and entertaining read. Four Stars!

About the Author:
Cornelia Scott CreeGod said in Jeremiah 1:12 "I will watch over my word to perform it." At no time has He said "I will watch over the word of a TV anchor, the President or a movie star, or even you and me. Only His. 

"So I scoured the Bible to affirm how modern events verify His words. It is an inductive study, truthful and untainted for 4,000 years and my books and other writings are not about a church or what any man says, but what God says and means to come true. So you can see the future in the Bible too."

Cornelia Scott Cree studied the Bible especially in the original Greek, plus Latin for vocabulary and etymology, French, and Chinese; she wrote her Master’s degree thesis on theological sign language and finished one-half her doctorate at University of South Africa. She had a private school classical education, attended Smith College and other universities and colleges as well.

On TV Churchill's grand-daughter said the following. "Hitler made you believe he could do anything. Churchill made you believe you could do anything." As an author of Christian books my mission is to make you believe God can do anything.

She has an unusual work history, as a print journalist for a scientific, business and tech newspaper, as a wallpaper hanger and many years working with inmates and victims. She has three grown children, three grandchildren, and one great granddaughter. Except for those years spent in the foreign mission fields of China and the Philippines, in Texas and her youth in the Eastern USA she lived most of her adult life in North Carolina.

Please visit to read her other articles and blog posts.

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