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Review: I'll Rescue You (I'll Rescue You, #1) by M.T. Thomas

I'll Rescue You (I'll Rescue You, #1)

33788900Even after 40 years, earth is ready; ready for another attempted invasion. Join our characters as they travel the world in order to save it. Experience growth and self-realization with Apollo as events open his eyes to see beyond what he had always thought was true. Does his home planet and species truly have the right to invade and acquire other worlds?

Half-sisters Belle and Teneille must find a way back to each other while facing alien forces and overwhelming obstacles. Enemies become friends and friends become enemies while star-crossed lovers rescue each other in this science-fiction fantasy.

My Take:
Earth suffered a ruthless and brutal invasion by a race of technologically advanced aliens, impervious to bullets, flames, and bombs. The aliens apparently communicated by telepathy, and considered earth to just be another easily harvested planet. After the leader of the incoming invasion was captured, however, the aliens broke off and retreated, uncertain of victory.

The aliens were considered completely devoid of compassion, mercy, even emotions at all. Concerned about a subsequent invasion, earth scientists managed to create a hybrid half human, half Olympian who had the impervious skin, night sight, long lifespan, and telepathic abilities of the invaders. When they came back, Belle would be able to detect their communications and alert the earth of their plans.

What she didn't expect, what none of them expected, was that she would be the next target. And that she would fall for the alien sent to destroy her.

Drug Content:
G - squeaky clean.

PG - There is a decapitation, some indication of torture. One of the aliens' useful items is made from the skin of a conquered intelligent race. The aliens take some level of delight in torturing or lording it over subjugated civilizations. There are multiple bloody battles, an unarmed man is shot. A person is frozen to death. A man commits suicide by blowing his brains out. The violence is not excessively graphic.

PG - the D word is dropped a few times.

Adult Content:
PG - There is some angst but not much else. A buff soldier takes off his shirt and is admired by some of the women present.   

Christian content:
Belle's mother is a solid Christian with a strong faith. Providence plays an obvious part in this story. The alien sent to kill Belle, Apollo, is given a series of memories from Belle that causes him to question the cold and vicious methods of his race. To experience hope, love, joy. Self sacrifice, redemption, and hope are strong strokes in this hopeful post-apocalyptic painting. Racism is an undercurrent here.

Final analysis:
I'll Rescue You is an enjoyable read, with memorable characters and solid world-building. The action and pace are gripping, and the message of hope shared here is tangible. The common condemnation of the aliens out of hand is a bit cookie cutter in its depiction, but the tension and judgmentalism that comes with it is realistically sculpted. Five Stars!

About the Author:
M.T. ThomasHello! My name is Michelle Thomas, also known as “M.T. Thomas” and I am the author of the book “I’ll Rescue You” that you can find on Amazon or at Barnes and Noble as a paperback or on Kindle and Nook as an ebook.

I enjoy sunsets and long walks on the beach…just kidding! My true passions range from all forms of art, to church and family, and to science. I am a Medial Laboratory Scientist by day and an author by night. I have two daughters and a wonderful husband whom I’ve been with for 12 years.

I’ve always wanted to write. I had a couple poems published back in the day and planned out my novel years ago but never had a chance to write it down. 
I always thought, “I’ll write my book right after I graduate University! I just have to make it till then.” However, right after graduation, I started my new job and we began building our dream house. Again, there was no time. After our house was built and I became comfortably settled in my job, I became pregnant with our second daughter. It would be another 2 years before I felt I had another moment to breathe and actually think about my book. Now, here I am, 5 years post-graduation and I have finally written the story I came up with 10 years ago.

I hope everyone enjoys reading my books as much as I enjoy writing them.

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