Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Review: Rise of the Magi by Randy Blackwell

Rise of the Magi
by Randy Blackwell

Heavily laced with Christian allegory, the Rise of the Magi is a fast paced adventure involving an alliance of the most unlikely friends-

Myles a famous con man whose abilities rival those of Houdini and Dillinger, Omar, a world renown scientist and inventor bent on saving his sister, Sebastian, a strange alien believer from the world of Soterian, and Kasey, an assassin that we meet halfway through the book.

Myles and Omar jump through portals on different continents and end up in a world of mazes and tunnels, thrust together and trying to survive. But with their combined resources and abilities they quickly overcome every obstacle, and form the Order of the Magi.

I thoroughly enjoyed this fast-paced adventure, through multiple worlds populated by all kinds of fantastic creatures and enemies from demons and giant spiders to creatures like fairies. The amazing cover art by Jin Kim didn't detract from the experience in the slightest.

I finished the last third of this book in one sitting, I found it too gripping to put down. That ran very late into the night. I don't know how I'm going to get back that sleep you lost me, Randy. 5 Stars.

Language: none
Torture is mentioned but never described, there are many battle scenes and mostly creatures die. A planet of zombies is mentioned but we never go there.
Sexual Content: Some kissing.
Spiritual Content: Rich and threaded well into the story.

About the Author:

Randy Blackwell used to run roleplaying games before coming to faith in Christ. Now he spends his time spinning tales for Christ, running his media business, and loving on his wife, Vanessa, and their four kids. He lives and works in Knoxville, TN.

He is the author of the Forgotten Portals series starting with Rise of the Magi which just came out at the end of 2012.

His books include Rise of the Magi (this one), Deep Flux (Book two of the Forgotten Portals series), and Soterion, an official Roleplaying Game Book for the fantasy world Soterion in the Forgotten Portals series.

He is working with a Director on a screenplay for an upcoming movie based upon his series.

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