Saturday, March 5, 2016

Granddad's Story
By Roger Deloach

When Granddad tells a story to his grandkids, it's always some tall tale, but not this time. Granddad tells his grandkids a story of the greatest treasure hunt he and his friends ever went on, one summer back when there was Penny Candy.

When Sam trips over an old strongbox partially buried in the woods while she and her three friends are playing pretend Detectives chasing down bank robbers, the pretend game suddenly gets very real. The old strongbox contains directions to a treasure buried nearly a century earlier, if only they can find it.

They begin their hunt the next morning, not realizing that the treasure they are destined to find is better than anything they could have ever imagined.

Granddad's story begins with all the old flair of Peggy Parish's 'Key To The Treasure', and Deloach takes the reader back masterfully in a time machine to a simpler time of bicycles and lemonade afternoons in a small rural town.

This book is kid-friendly, no violence, language, or adult content of any kind. It's targeted for 8-12 year olds and is certainly good for that range. It covers issues like bullying, greed, and cliques. It is unapologetically Christian. I gave it 5 of 5. 

About the Author:
Roger Deloach
I love to write. Writing allows me the time to hone and craft a sentence until it reads the way I would like it to be heard if it had been spoken. I try hard to write in a manner that would cause the reader to pause and consider. My books are "real life" fiction. The characters are people the reader may know. The goal is to leave the reader challenged in Christ and to draw the reader to scripture for the answer to that challenge.

I am a husband, a father of three, and a grandfather of eight. Other interests lie in classic cars and music. But there is really only one thing I want known about me...Jesus died in my place!

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