Monday, June 27, 2016

Review: Cupcakes for Breakfast by Su-Ny Kluckow

Cupcakes for Breakfast
by Su-Ny Kluckow

To every man and woman who has ever been unhappy with the way they look, to every person who has found themselves eating when they were full, because they were bored, or angry, or watching TV, or out of guilt because someone expected you to, to anyone who thinks they might be obsessed about, or addicted to, the consumption or control of food, this book is for you.

In a heart-felt book that reads like a daily devotional, Su Ny has laid bare issues in her life with eating, and has provided insight and encouragement for anyone who might be on the same path. Whether you find yourself obsessed with the scale or binge-eating, or depressed about your weight, the content in this book gives a hand up through the deliverance found in Christ.

As a Fat Daddy, I found this book applicable in my own life, as we love to spend our meals in front of Netflix, and this tends to make me overindulge; I find myself continuing to eat until the show is over, and often find that I've taken more than my share.

Food addictions, like any other addiction, require boundaries, dependence on God, and accountability, and Su-Ny gives solid steps for establishing these foundations.

Each chapter leans heavily on God's Word for its basis, with well-researched thoughtful and appropriate passages to support each step in deliverance. Each chapter closes with an appropriate heartfelt prayer.

I highly recommend this book for anyone struggling with weight and food issues. Five Stars.

About the Author:
Su-Ny' KluckowI’m from a small coastal town called Jeffrey’s Bay on the Eastern Cape of South Africa, where I live with my husband and two baby boys whom God gave to us after an 8-year walk of faith. I believe that I am wonderfully and fearfully made in the image of God. I am His devoted daughter and princess of the Almighty King.
Would I write if no one would ever read it? I look at writing as a form or worship, a time to be intimate with God. When I am writing He is inspiring me, prompting me to engage Him on a level that sometimes is deeper than prayer or the words that I might speak otherwise. I feel close to Him when I hear my keyboard chatter with anticipation, each keystroke inviting Him to bless my thoughts and interact with my soul. Writing is a way that I bless others, with words of encouragement and love via, E-mail, text or a physical letter. If I was the last person on the could find me at any coffee shop banging away at my laptop; provided being the last person on the planet there were electricity or coffee shops...wait who would make my coffee?
It is my mission and purpose to advance His Kingdom and love His people.

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