Thursday, June 9, 2016

Review: Hattie the Hummingbird - Where is Heaven, Anyway? by Dunnett Albert

Where is Heaven Anyway?: A Hattie the Hummingbird Story 
by Dunnett Albert
Illustrated by Catherine Wilder

30408185After the loss of her friend Auggie the Frog, our sweet Hattie the Hummingbird sets out to answer the question "Where is Heaven Anyway?" Through this beautiful poem and stunning watercolor images, Hattie's question is answered through a story, dreams, and her just "knowing." A story for all ages, young and old, who want to understand how the ones who love us the most never truly leave us.

My Take:
This beautifully illustrated picture book is a poignant poetic story of coming to terms with death and heaven, for children of all ages who have experienced a loss.

The pictures in this book are just gorgeous. The poetry is poignant and written on a 2-5 year old level, quite appropriate for the target audience. The sentiments in the book are heart-felt; apparently the author has experienced a similar loss, as many of us have. The questions of why does death occur, where do people go when they die, and where is heaven, are dealt with tenderly.

While younger children need a simplistic concept answer to these questions, I'll put in the caveat here that this story relates, as the blurb above mentions, that heaven is around us, and that our loved ones visit us in our dreams, and are always with us. This concept is comforting for younger children but is from a non-denominational perspective, so be prepared to answer questions from older kids.

Final Analysis:
In closing, I'll say that this picture book was clean, kid-friendly, and perfectly appropriate for preschool kids dealing with grief and in need of healing, and it's artwork is just stunning. Five stars.

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