Thursday, March 15, 2018

Review: Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light by Jaimie Engle

Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light

32982478Clifton Chase is the latest target for bully Ryan Rivales. But after he finds a mysterious arrow in his closet, he takes Ryan's bet to see who can hit the target. Ryan nails the bull's-eye, but Clifton's piece of junk arrow sails out of sight and when he finally finds it, something isn't right. Somehow, Clifton has been magically transported back to 1485 England, where he meets two princes bullied by their tyrant uncle who locked them in prison to steal their throne. Only after Clifton learns the true meaning of friendship, bravery, and sacrifice can he help the princes escape and find the courage to face his own bully. Befriended by a dwarf, a mythical bird called Simurgh, and a cast of comical characters, Clifton's fantasy adventure through medieval times is perfect for boys and girls of all ages, and the young at heart. For those who like fantasy kids books like Percy Jackson and Harry Potter.

My Take:

Clifton Chase is an average seventh grader with a greater than average talent with a bow, and the latest target for bully Ryan Rivales. When Clifton finds a dusty old wooden arrow in the back of his closet, he takes Ryan's bet to see who can hit a bullseye, the old junk arrow against a brand new compound bow.

Ryan nails the bullseye, but the junk arrow flies far wide of the target, sailing out of sight into the sandy dunes. When Clifton finds the arrow, he is shocked to find that it's glowing. When he picks it up, it transports him back in time to 1485 England, right in the thick of the War of the Roses.

Brought back to rescue Prince Edward and Prince Richard from their evil uncle King Richard III, Clifton is aided by a host of mythological creatures and historical figures, and hunted by powerful enemies seeking control of the powerful Arrow of Light he carries. Clifton must learn the true meaning of friendship, bravery, and sacrifice to activate the Arrow of Light and face the evil king in the past, and his own bully in the future.

Drug Content:
G - Some guards at a tower are all rather drunk. Nothing you wouldn't see in Sleeping Beauty.

G - Even in battle scenes, there's not a lot of blood, but several characters are killed. Someone is eaten by a Sea Monster.

G - squeaky clean.

Adult Content:
G - This is Middle Grade fiction. The only adult thing that happens here is some preteen angst and a brief kiss.   

Christian content:
This is a clean MG fantasy, and isn't saturated with any overt references to God. Several times the main character prays for help, and multiple characters rely on God to aid in their time of need. Self Sacrifice and protecting the weak are strong themes, righting injustices and dealing with bullies are central to this work also.

Final analysis:
This was a wonderful delve into the past, well-spiced with mythical creatures like dragons, sea monsters, mermaids, giants, and dwarfs. Just the right mix of fantasy, history, and life lessons to make for an enthralling book every MG boy would enjoy. Several characters were deeply drawn, and the issue of bullying is dealt with well. Fast paced, high stakes, gripping, humorous, Five Stars!

About the Author:
Jaimie  EngleLike stepping into a living dream, Jaimie Engle writes visually stunning fiction where magic turns ordinary into extraordinary. She loves weaving lore into her stories and taking her readers on wondrous adventures. Engle is a cosplayer, podcaster, entrepreneur, and speaker at schools, conferences, and colleges across Florida.

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