Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Review: Secret of the Lost King (Thrones #1) by Shaun Stevenson

Secret of the Lost King (Thrones #1)


Long ago their kingdom was torn apart when the evil Emperor Morogh took hold of the throne. Ruling from the dark castle, Morogh seeks three orphaned children: Jack, Maggie, and Molly. Only they hold the key to uncovering an ancient secret that could destroy everything everyone has ever known, or could create the family these three orphans have always longed for. 

Jack, Maggie, and Molly remain forgotten in an orphanage deep in the kingdom by all except the Emperor, who knows about the dangerous memory the three of them share. A memory Morogh wants his hands on. 

As the Emperor's forces hunt them, Jack must find an old enemy of the kingdom, rescue a lost king, and discover the truth about his own memories.

My Take:
Jack, Maggie and Mollie are three insignificant orphans in a backwater village, with no memory of their past. Their caretaker, Mrs. Keswick, teaches them while cooking and caring for them. But soldiers from the wicked Emperor ransack the village looking for these three. Only the amazing fighting skills of the nondescript housekeeper save them from capture, though she is mortally wounded in the process.

Fleeing for their lives, the three follow the last instructions of their dying matron, to find the mysterious ranger Jagger, who will tell them about the prophesy that predicts they will destroy the evil emperor and re-establish peace.

Drug Content:
G - squeaky clean.

PG - There are a few scenes where the main characters are chased by a sword-wielding villain. Dangerous plants, villainous rulers, sadistic henchmen, all try to kill the kids. There is a scary scene involving a giant spider. Soldiers die in a battle.

G - squeaky clean.

Adult Content:
G - This is Middle Grade fiction. It's clean.   

Christian content:
Jack has a series of visions involving Gideon and the battle with the Midianites. The evils of idolatry, the forces of evil in the spiritual realm, and intervention and guidance by God are well-covered in this book. Self-sacrifice, duty, honor, are powerful and broad-brush themes here.

Final analysis:
I thoroughly enjoyed this fast-paced Christian fantasy. It did not come across as preachy but as a solid tale of deliverance, destiny, and God's overarching guidance. The characters were believable, the setting expansive, the plot immersive and the action gripping. What's not to like in a book like this? Five Stars!

About the Author:
Shaun StevensonShaun Stevenson has always loved a good story. Ever since he picked up his great-grandmother’s copy of THE WIZARD OF OZ as a second grade reader, he’s known that stories, writing, and adventures on the written page were always in his future. When Shaun’s not writing, he spends his time as a Children’s Pastor sharing The Story with kids and their families.

You can find Shaun on Twitter @shaunstvn, on Facebook, and at his website:

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